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"What is a database?", you ask. We understand by this expression that database is a collection of information, so this is a collection of Resident Evil information. Here you will be able to find all the information we can include regarding the series, from games to books, from live-action movies to animations, just everything about Resident Evil will be here.
How are we planning to do this? With patience, hard work and devotion combined, not to mention the love for what we are doing. These are the qualities of a real fan. And this is not a common website but a space for fans who want to share with other fans what they know about Resident Evil. We do not want to pass acknowledge ahead. It is not interesting for us to give information without obtaining any in return. The good thing is to share information, so more acknowledge can be obtained and passed ahead. This is how a community and a group of people must be. The "Resident Evil Database" space is a place of "giving and receiving" information about the Resident Evil series, fans talking to other fans what they know, what they think and what they would like to see on their favorite videogames series.
Fans that devote their free time playing, researching, reading, debating, thinking and breathing Resident Evil. Fans who wish to know more, who are not satisfied with the basics, who dive deeper into questions regarding the series and its mythology, characters and creators. These are the fans and the people we are looking for to join this group. If you fit the description above, you have just found your shelter.
However, it is not enough to be a devoted fan. You need to be more than this. You need to be mature and critical. Sometimes you need to find the answers on your own. You need to help other fans who may be confused about things you know for sure. It is important to get into a final word about a complex question among the fans. It is very important to know how to debate, to elucidate, to explain a point of view without offending someone else's point of view. You will need to know how to respect other people's opinions, disagree politely and agreeing if you feel you should. Everyone must learn how to share and to cooperate with other fans.
So the "Resident Evil Database" space is a database about Resident Evil which plans to bring together all the people interested on sharing acknowledge about the series in a mature and intelligent way. The presentation of this website will be made differently with the biggest and most possible interaction among fans that fit into the qualities we have mentioned earlier. We search for people who love Resident Evil, not just those people who are currently playing the latest released title, searching for the solution of a puzzle or looking for a character's last name.
Welcome to a new stage of integration among Resident Evil fans.
From the creators of REDb - Resident Evil Database 


*Please note: most of the content of this website is in brazilian-portuguese since we are from Brazil. But please check back soon for updates on contents in English. We will add a few content in English very shortly.